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The nearest airport is Tours Airport.

To know more about L’Ile-Bouchard

Mgr Fiot’s booklet

This first English publication by Paul RHOADS relies principally upon the translation in english of Mgr Fiot’s booklet, but the author also benefited from contacts with people close to the events, including Jacqueline Aubry.

format PDF

Article Our Lady of Prayer, L’Ile Bouchard, France, by William A. Thomas

The story of L’Ile-Bouchard in 1947

Our Lady of the nation, Apparitions of Mary in 20th-Century Catholic Europe, by Chris Maunder

pages 123 & 123 

  • Provides a detailed analysis of the apparitions of Mary in twentieth-century Catholic Europe
  • Relates apparitions to major twentieth-century movements and trends, such as communism, Nazism, liberalism, consumerism, and the growth of information technology.
  • Situates outbreaks of apparitions in their socio-political context.
  • Explains that apparitions are movements of renewal amid falling numbers of Catholic adherents, and continue to be signs of the maternal presence of Mary and her concern for the world.

Sources : https://global.oup.com/academic/product/our-lady-of-the-nations-9780198718383?cc=us&lang=en&